Tripartite legal-technical committee finalises GERD negotiation mechanism 

Daily News Egypt
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The legal-technical committee formed from Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia finalised, on Tuesday, an initial draft on points of agreement and disagreement between the three parties on Ethiopia’s mega dam, according to Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. 


The committee will provide a report of its work on Wednesday to the Ministers of Water of the three parties involved in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) talks. 

During the Wednesday meeting, each country’s representatives will present its views on the disputed points. 

On Sunday, each of the three countries agreed to assign two experts to prepare a new mechanism for GERD talks, and present it to associated ministers of the 3 countries.

Sunday’s meeting was the start of a new round of negotiations that is expected to last for a week as announced by Sudan which called for the resumption of talks. Sudan has also been selected as the head of the current round of negotiations. 

The current round of meetings comes in accordance with the outcomes of the ministerial meeting on 16 August that took place between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and Water Resources, from the three countries, and the outcomes of the 21 July mini-summit that gathered leaders of the parties with South Africa, the current chair of the African Union (AU).


Observers from the AU Assembly Bureau, alongside representatives from AU member states, the United States, and the European Union attended the meeting.

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