Brotherhood MPs boycott Nazif speech

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc boycotted Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif’s speech Monday at the People’s Assembly (PA) in solidarity with the April 6 movement strike.

Hussein Ibrahim, head of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, told Daily News Egypt that all the group’s members walked out of the session during Nazif’s monthly speech.

“We are boycotting this government whose policies have led us to [resort to] strikes and protests on an almost daily basis, Ibrahim said.

But before they left, Brotherhood MPs laid down the demands of the strike, MP Ahmed Diab told Daily News Egypt.

Corruption and price hikes were the two main complaints they presented before parliament, along with the decrease in average salaries.

Those issues, Diab said, are the main reasons behind the April 6 strike. He cited doctors’ and education administrators’ protests demanding long-overdue pay increases.

Brotherhood MPs also discussed university students’ struggle for freedom of expression and their calls for campuses to be free of state security forces.

The Brotherhood did not, however, stage any protests inside or outside the PA.

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