Cairo International Film Festival's recommended movies of the day – Nov.20

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Director: Matteo Garrone. Starring: Marco Macor, Gianfelice Imparato and Salvatore Abruzzese.

Synopsis: A new order is about to hit Naples suburbs as a new gang attempts to overthrow the reigning one. The repercussions of the turf war are employed to explore the current stark reality of Napes, a city corrupted to the core, where lawful authority is almost non-existent and the Catholic Church is absent.

Good News Cinema, 12 pm.

Where the Grass is Greener

Director: Tamara Staudt. Starring: Stefan Gubser and Steve Windolf.

Synopsis: Difficult economic times lead Eva from Brandenburg to put her relationship on hold. She ends up working and sharing her fate with a complicated, multicultural group of people. Here she meets Daniel, a stubborn Alpine farmer, and experiences a cool but fabulous mountain summer.

Good News Cinema, 4 pm.

Captain Abu Raed

Director: Amin Matalqa. Starring: Nadim Sawalha and Rana Sultan.

Synopsis: Abu Raed is an old airport janitor who has always yearned for seeing the world but has never been able to afford to travel. One day a group of children in his poor neighborhood assume he is a pilot and beg him to share stories of the world outside of Amman, Jordan. Through imaginary tales a friendship forms and he realizes the grim realities of the children s home life. He takes it upon himself to make a difference.

Cairo Opera House’s Artistic Creativity Center, 4 pm.

The Vanished Empire

Director: Radu Muntean. Starring: Anamaria Marinca and Dragos Bucur.

Synopsis: The film s story takes place in Moscow in the 1970s. Its plot unfolds around the love triangle between two young men and a girl who study at the same university. They argue, make up, and face their first disappointments and victories. While busy with personal lives and loves, they miss foreseeing that the country in which they were born and live will soon disappear from the map.

Nile City 1, 4 pm.

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