A father calls for investigation into son's death

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CAIRO: The father of a taxi driver killed by the private car driven by the son of a member of Egypt’s elite has called for justice and a full investigation into the killing.

The son was the only bread-winner in the family and drove a taxi bought on installments. The deceased left large debts and the threat of imprisonment for the father if he fails to make the repayments.

Mustafa Ramadan Askalany, a pensioner, said that his son Ahmed was killed on the 6th October Bridge on April 6 at 2:00 am while he was fixing the tire of his taxi.

Though he took the necessary measures on the road, says his father, a white car with plate numbers 600822 ran him over and killed him instantly. The driver of the car fled the scene. Despite the testimony of the passenger in the taxi that day and another witness, the authorities did not arrest the owner of white car. After a few days, the father was surprised to receive a visitor at his apartment in Imbaba, saying that he was sent by the driver of the car and claiming that the car owner knows nothing about the accident and his personal chauffeur was driving it on that day.

The father told the messenger that the family had lost their only bread-winner who had a wife and a child less than one year old, and that the deceased died with 90,000 pounds debts to be paid for the taxi installments. The father asked for a meeting with the owner of the car, but the messenger just left, leaving his personal card.

The father says that his son’s death would not be treated with such carelessness and negligence if the responsible party were not a member of a prestigious family.

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