Ottawa University holds lecture on determinants of Egypt’s national security

Sami Hegazi
2 Min Read

Egypt’s Ambassador to Canada Ahmed Abu Zeid has delivered a lecture, at the invitation of the University of Ottawa’s Department of Security Studies, on “Determinants of Egyptian National Security in a Changing Environment”.

In his speech, Abu Zeid reviewed the most important constants and determinants of national security in Egypt historically. This included the developments in the security and geostrategic environment in the Middle East and Africa in recent years.

During the lecture, the ambassador touched upon Egypt’s efforts to enhance regional stability and security. He also highlighted issues that pose a direct challenge to Egypt’s national security, such as terrorism, water security, Libya, and the Palestinian issue.

Abu Zeid pointed to the new challenges related to cyber security, energy security, information security, illegal immigration, and human trafficking.

He highlighted the importance that Egypt attaches to strengthening the role of the state in Africa and the Middle East in the face of attempts to undermine it, especially through the phenomena of the spread of armed militias.

He stressed the importance of preserving the unity of the national fabric of peoples in the face of attempts to sow division among the people of the same nation.

Abu Zeid reviewed Egypt’s efforts in stabilising the region and settling disputes through peaceful means. He pointed out that the stability of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region guarantees the preservation of the interests of many countries in the world, not only the countries of the region.

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