Ten companies control 61 pct of Egyptian manufacturing exports

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CAIRO: Ten large companies accounted for 61 percent of total Egyptian manufacturing exports in 2006 with a total value of LE 5.1 billion out of LE 8.34 billion, representing the total value of the country s manufacturing exports.

Ashraf Ezzeldin, the executive manager of the Engineering Industries Commodity Council, said that Egyptec Company was the largest exporter of manufacturing goods with a total of LE 1.9 billion in 2006, followed by El Sweedy for Cables with LE 1.7 billion and Leoni Wiring Systems with LE 470 million.

Arab countries received the bulk of Egypt manufacturing exports, accounting for LE 5.3 billion in 2006 compared with LE 3.5 billion in 2005. The European Union was the second largest recipient of such products from Egypt with a total of LE 1.6 billion in 2006 compared with LE 578 million a year earlier.

Other international markets combined received about LE 1.4 billion of manufacturing goods exports compared with LE 560 million in 2005. However, Egyptian exports of manufacturing goods to the United States declined to LE 80 million in 2006 compared with E96 million in 2005.

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