Car with no brakes kills six pedestrians

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: A truck carrying fuel for Misr petroleum ran amuck in Al Sayeda Aisha district of Old Cairo killing six people, including two infants.

Police investigations indicated that the car s breaks were not working.

Egyptian law dictates that drivers who commit road accidents are to be sentenced to six months in prison, in addition to financial compensation to be set according to the severity of the accident and number of victims.

My wife was walking on the pavement carrying her baby child and holding the other child s hand, the car went up the pavement and killed my two children and then you tell me the driver will go to jail for six months. Is that fair? This driver should not be allowed to see his kids for the rest of his life, said Atef Abd El Hamid, father of the two children, in a phone call to Channel 2 s El Beit Betak talk show yesterday.

The Al Sayeda Aisha district witnessed many accidents in the past few years, with buses and cars falling off the overpass in the area. Residents have blamed the bridge’s structural design for the high number of accidents and have called for it to be renovated and redesigned.

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