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Egyptian artists at the Luxor film festival condemn bombings

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Egyptian artists in Luxor for the film festival felt it was necessary to take a stand and denounce the bombings that took place in the capital, Cairo.

The international film festival is held for the second consecutive year despite political instability (Photo from Luxor Film Festival)

The international film festival is held for the second consecutive year despite political instability
(Photo from Luxor Film Festival)

Following four separate bomb attacks in the greater Cairo area, Egyptian artists participating in the Luxor film festival for European and Egyptian cinema have released a statement on the recent events, declaring their solidarity with the Egyptian people in what they termed a fight against terrorism.

The bombings hit several places around Greater Cairo, including Cairo Security Directorate, a metro station in Dokki, a police station in Talbiya and a cinema in Haram Street in Giza.

One of the festival’s main aims is to promote tourism in Luxor, as well as cultural exchange between the Middle East and Europe. Luxor has seen considerably low tourism since the events of 2011 and the festival is one way to show that the city is safe to visit after travel warnings to Egypt from several European countries.

The artists’ statement reads as follows, “This is not the first time Egypt has faced the dangers of a blind and criminal terrorism, which wastes human life and indiscriminately destroys civilisation while disregarding national and religious values. Egypt has faced this black terrorism in the 80s and 90s, and has emerged victorious despite the high price of innocent blood spilt. Today, the country is even more determined to face this terrorism with  its military, security powers and its people united. Those same Egyptians were out by the millions in the two revolutions of 25 January and 30 June, announcing their refusal of oppression and terrorism alike.

The Egyptian artists who are present in the Luxor film festival of European and Egyptian films announce their full solidarity with the Egyptian people who are fighting this black terrorism in every way. The artists also trust in Egyptians’ ability to defeat it as they have succeeded in doing so with other challenges they have faced throughout history.”

Some of the Egyptian artists attending and participating in the festival include Mohamed Khan, Yousry Nasr Allah, Amr Salama, Khaled Aboul Naga and Asser Yaseen.

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