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Military warns against violence during Friday Protests

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6 April calls for occupying Tahrir and presidential palace area before Islamists head out from 18 mosques in a million man march titled “Breaking the Coup”

Egyptian military securing Nasr City where Islamists are holding sit-in in rejection to ousting Morsi on 4 July 2013 (File Photo by Mohamed Omar/DNE)

Egyptian military securing Nasr City where Islamists are holding sit-in in rejection to ousting Morsi on 4 July 2013 (File Photo by Mohamed Omar/DNE)

The armed forces cautioned against use of violence or attacking any military installation during protests on Friday.

Colonel Ahmed Ali, the spokesman of the armed forces, released a statement on Thursday stressing the military’s commitment to foster the freedom of expression and secure peaceful protests.

“Whoever resorts to violence and deviates from protesting peacefully on Friday will endanger his life; he will be dealt with very strictly according to the law to preserve the security of citizens and the country,” the statement read.

The statement was released following calls by the National Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy (NCSL) for protests on Friday titled “Breaking the Coup”.

The NCSL, a coalition of Islamist parties and movements supporting ousted former president Mohamed Morsi, called for people to gather in all squares after noon prayers on Friday, in a statement released on Thursday.

Protest marches will depart from 18 mosques in Cairo and Giza; the NCSL called on “supporters of legitimacy” in all governorates to protest as well.

“The NCSL stresses that the exit from the current crisis caused by the bloody military coup is to … restore legitimacy represented in the return of the elected president, activating the suspended constitution and the return of the Shura Council; all of which should come about through peaceful means” the statement by NCSL read.

6 April movement called on people to gather at the Presidential Palace and in Tahrir Square to “prevent Muslim Brotherhood members from taking over revolutionary squares”.

6 April said they had information on the planned protests by Islamists that aim to occupy all streets and squares in vital areas around Cairo and Giza.

Protesters had planned to gather in Tahrir and the presidential palace after breaking their fast to commemorate the 6 October 1973 victory; 6 April called on protesters to gather after noon prayers instead.

  • http://algmil.wordpress.com/ tarek

    الجمعة، 19 يوليو، 2013
    Is it the law of the jungle rules the world ..!!!!!!!!????????????

    Is it the law of the jungle rules the world until we see strong armed unsealed political conflict Balatqlab Ali Alszh executive of presidents who rule countries .. as for the world is a jungle and governance faithful to the arrogant backed by force of arms does not strongly right and law .. and what happened in Egypt ordered by the armed forces The Egyptian Acharabh constitutional ruling the country is a disregard of all international conventions in this regard and unless siren world Zaamaúah this coup the military on the constitutional legitimacy of the ruling the country will spin circles and turns the world into conflicts governed by strong armed الباطشة and become laws and constitutional courts in those countries and the force of law in the news was and impose armed force dominance and power by force of arms and we are now in a large forest is no place faithful to the rights holders and owners of private property and you’ll miss the rights of human beings through this logic arrogant backed by force of arms to Ipoh right and law .. that what happened in Egypt is a devastated all laws legitimacy and constitutional convicted by all countries of the world now. .. and the international community should mobilize what happened in Egypt until the ruling was constitutional legitimacy of all countries of the world, the right Brigade and the scales of justice, so rest assured peoples through Rasaúém that there is a law governing authority Altnfveh by that governed here it happens Community safety sought by the whole world, and this stems from our commitment to the law and the constitutional legitimacy that President before Mrasah of control.

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  • Sammyb

    Tarek, I must admit that I couldn’t understand where you were going with all of that, try to keep it simple and never mind about the additional Arabic and other senseless words, keep it short and to the point!

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