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Egypt condemns military coup in Mali, urges parties to exercises self-restraint

Cairo stresses necessity of restoring constitutional legitimacy in Mali as soon as…

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Erdoğan unable to make good judgment on Egypt revolution: Foreign Ministry

Egypt spread messages of rejoicing Turkish coup, raised criticism to president in…

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Fears grow in Turkey after failed military coup

In light of Friday’s unsuccessful military coup attempt, many Turks fear continued…

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Why the coup in Turkey failed

The attempted military coup that shook Turkey on Friday was far closer…

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Opinion: Failed coup attempt in Turkey

Turkey has experienced many military coups but the latest, overnight attempt was…

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Tamarod: From deposing Morsi to its own collapse

25 January and 30 June were not revolutions because we haven’t done…

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Islamist leader Essam Derbala arrested on terrorism charges

Derbala remained committed to Anti-Coup Alliance

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Criminal court adjourns Muslim Brotherhood mass trial

Defence blames Brotherhood leaders for inciting followers to commit violence

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Lax FIFA policing of political interference in football focuses on Egypt

By James M. Dorsey World football body FIFA has dispatched investigators to…

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Editor’s letter: War of the misnomers

People are stuck with the short-sighted dilemma of choosing between two conflicting…

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