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Al-Nour Party calls for early presidential elections

"Although we support legitimacy, the interests of the country are more important"

Al-Nour has a responsibility to the nation to participate in national dialogue. (Photo : Public Domain)
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By Kanzy Mahmoud

Al-Nour party called for early presidential elections in order to “spare more bloodshed and to prevent the outbreak of civil war,” in an official statement released on Tuesday.

“Any clashes with the people or the military will only result in useless bloodshed; the ouster of the president is inevitable,” read the statement.

Al-Nour added that if the Islamic current believes it is able to face the whole nation on its own, “then it is delusional.”

The statement outlined, however, that a referendum on presidential elections must be held in order for the elections to be legitimate.

The party said that a declaration by the military installing them in power “would destroy everything.”

Al-Nour demanded the composition of a “neutral technocrat government” to oversee the upcoming parliamentary elections, stressing the need to hold the latter as soon as possible.

“The best order of events would be changing the government, then parliamentary elections, then early presidential elections,” stated the party

Their final demand was the formation of a commission looking into possible constitutional amendments.

Said Khalifa, Vice President of Al-Nour Party, told the Daily News Egypt that the party will not be making any comments regarding its released statements because the latter may constantly change in the near future.

Al-Nour Party’s statement was released in light of recent nationwide protests calling for the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

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