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Egyptian community in US will be voting “yes” on constitutional amendments

New York- The Egyptian community in the United States expressed its support to the constitutional amendments, describing the step as “a necessity for the continuation of the development process started by President Al-Sisi.” Members of the community who attended the conference held by the Egyptian American Entrepreneurship Association last week in New Jersey that they will …

Nevine Kamel

Referendum polls through national IDs, says interior ministry

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: The Ministry of Interior confirmed on its official Facebook page that voting on the upcoming constitutional amendments will be through national IDs, and not voting cards. The voting process was subject to speculation, especially with rumors that citizens must register their names at respective local police stations in order to …


Opposition groups say proposed constitutional amendments not enough

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: While opposition groups welcomed the proposed amendments to the constitution, they maintain they are not enough to guarantee free and fair presidential elections. General coordinator of the April 6 Youth Movement, Ahmed Maher, told Daily News Egypt, “These amendments are acceptable as a temporary step until a new constitution is established …


Army tells activists constitutional amendments within two months

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: A number of activists who were involved in organizing and publicizing the Jan. 25 Revolution said Monday that they held a meeting with two senior army officers who represented the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. During the Sunday meeting that took over three hours, the officers confirmed that the army …


Coptic activists announce 11 demands for constitutional amendments

By Essam Fadl CAIRO: A group of Coptic activists issued a statement last week listing 11 amendments they demand take place in the constitutional. Activists are waiting for the resumption of the negotiations process that was stalled after Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, saying their demands are relentless regardless of who they negotiate with. Head of Egyptian …


Constitution panel to propose six amendments

By AFP CAIRO: An Egyptian panel, formed by President Hosni Mubarak to pilot constitutional changes in the face of unprecedented protests, agreed on Wednesday to propose six amendments, the state MENA agency reported. The commission has agreed to look into changes to Article 76, which restricts who can stand for the presidency, and Article 77, …


Experts disagree over constitutional scenarios to solve crisis in Egypt

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: The debate overshadowing the Egyptian uprising revolves around the constitution and the various scenarios it offers to transfer Egypt from the current state of limbo to a state of stability, democracy and reform. Even constitutional experts disagree on the perfect scenario and how the constitution should best be interpreted and implemented. The …


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