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Egypt condemns US senator for comments made about Morsi

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Senator Inhofe described Morsi as an “enemy” when proposing the US suspend military aid to Egypt

Senator Inhofe described Morsi as an “enemy” during a debate about US military aid to Egypt (AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan)

Senator Inhofe described Morsi as an “enemy” during a debate about US military aid to Egypt (AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned remarks made by United States Senator Jim Inhofe, which included describing President Mohamed Morsi as an “enemy.”

The ministry statement released on Thursday rejected the statements made by the Republican senator and described them as “an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of Egypt.”

Inhofe’s comments were made on 31 January when introducing a draft legislation proposing to limit the sale or transfer of certain military equipment to Egypt, including F-16 aircraft.

Inhofe said that following Morsi’s election the “good relationship with Egypt… has come to a halt.” He stressed the US must continue to support the Egyptian military in order to maintain stability in the region. He added, “Egypt’s military is our friend, Morsi is our enemy.”

The ministry said, “such irresponsible statements and hostilities should not affect the relations between Egypt and the US.”

If it had passed the proposed legislation would have blocked the sale of military equipment to Egypt until Morsi informs the US congress that Egypt’s government will adhere to three conditions.

The three conditions are for the government to confirm its commitments to the Camp David Peace Accords, to ensure higher security at US embassies and consulates, and “to bring stability to Egypt by ending its systematic exclusion and silencing of all official minority political opposition.”

The legislation was not passed and last Sunday four F-16 fighter jets were delivered to Egypt as part of a package of 20, which will arrive over the next year.

The issue of providing military aid to Egypt has been a point of debate in US politics. Another proposal in the US Senate called for the complete blocking of sales without conditions, however the proposal was not passed.


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