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Israel strikes back after Syria downs F-16 

Israel has struck what it described as Iranian targets inside Syria in

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Parliamentary delegation in Italy to review military aid decision with Italian counterparts

Back and forth between Italy, Egypt over Regeni case continues to cause

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US Air Force Secretary completes F-16 delivery to Egypt

Officials from both countries discussed possibility of future military training for airmen

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Egypt to receive F-16 jet fighters: US Embassy

Strategic partnership between Egypt and US to be revived as Kerry visits

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

President Al-Sisi speaks to Obama as US aid resumes in full after suspension

Security by military force has been prioritised over democratic progress, but changes

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Egypt reviles ISIS killing of Jordanian pilot Al-Kasasbeh

Several solidarity marches took to the streets following prayer for him in

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Resumption of military aid to Egypt part of US spending bill for 2015

A new clause permits Secretary of State to bypass democratic conditions on

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US suspends delivery of F-16s to Egypt: Pentagon

The United States has delayed plans to supply Egypt with an additional

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Turkish fighter jet crashes near Syrian border

The governor of Osminaye province, Celalettin Cerrah, specified that the plane had

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Egypt condemns US senator for comments made about Morsi

Senator Inhofe described Morsi as an “enemy” when proposing the US suspend

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