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Amr Khalifa

Egypt: A Divided Republic

Old neighbours who once enjoyed daily cups of tea are turning on one another, some Christians are being accused of being Muslim Brotherhood sympathisers and some mothers are turning against sons

Daily News Egypt

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We have suffered legacy of deteriorating human rights for 60 years: Zaria

Mohamed Zaria, human rights lawyer and chairman of the Arab Penal Reform Organization, said that Egyptians have suffered almost 60 years of human rights violations. He added that the climate is currently hostile to the work of independent human rights organisations, especially through the oppressive Law 84/2002. He added that the state and regime believe …

Daily News Egypt

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The French role in the use and export of torture practices

By Dr Cesar Chelala As the world is reacting with justified condemnation to the tragic events in Paris, the same condemnation should be extended to industrialised countries that have resorted to violence and torture in their recent history. In addition, those countries not only have used these techniques themselves but have exported them to other countries. …

Daily News Egypt

Ahmed Tharwat

My 800 word torture report

By Ahmed Tharwat The release of the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report has brought back painful memories. Now everyone knows that our government has “tortured some folks”, as President Obama has put it when he wanted to be homey and cute. As someone who was tortured himself in an Egyptian jail, such charm is wasted …

Daily News Egypt