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Israel heavily strikes Gaza after rockets fired from strip

Israel said it struck 100 suspect Hamas targets on Friday night in Gaza Strip after four rockets were fired on Tel Aviv from the strip. Four Palestinians were injured in the Israeli airstrikes, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. “Four rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel,” the Israeli army said on Thursday, adding that …

Daily News Egypt

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Should France follow Germany’s lead?

France’s government is trying to imitate Germany – and is facing a lot of resistance for doing so, as evidenced by the current strikes and demonstrations. But maybe Germany isn’t the shining example it’s set up to be.

Deutsche Welle

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Strikes hit France on Euro 2016 sidelines

Against the backdrop of Euro 2016, nationwide strikes are washing over France as workers protest labor market reforms making it easier to hire and fire employees. Even the Eiffel Tower was closed because of the walkouts.

Deutsche Welle

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Greece paralyzed by austerity strikes

A massive general strike brought Greece to a standstill on Thursday, as tens of thousands of people protested spending cuts pushed through by the country’s leftist government in exchange for European bailout money. Feeling betrayed by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who was elected on an anti-austerity ticket, Greek unions launched a 24-hour strike, shutting …

Deutsche Welle

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Lufthansa pilots threaten more strikes

Lufthansa pilots have said they could engage in more strike action soon, following failed collective bargaining negotiations with management. Union officials said the airline’s executives had turned down a savings plan. Members of the German pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) said Wednesday top-level talks with Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr had failed to make progress on …

Deutsche Welle

Alexandria nurses threaten further strikes

A group of striking nurses from the Amiry Hospital in Alexandria condemned the investigations into their strike following the deaths of two patients, according to a statement released online. Night-shift nurses began their strike at Alexandria University’s Amiry Hospital during their Thursday shift, with 17 staff members suspected of inciting the strikes, during which two …

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