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Rice Harvest Season reveals hopes, suffering of Egyptian farmers

  Farmers at Qaransho village in Basion area in Gharbeya Governorate harvested their rice crops in late September, ending a season which they described as “one of the best in recent years”. Surrounded by waves of joy and excitement, farmers and their families worked to gather the rice grains from huge fields. The season for …

Rana Khaled

The social businesses to turn Egypt’s black skies blue

It’s that time of year. Black skies over Cairo and all over Egypt’s Delta mean the rice farmers are burning their straw. They will be burning about four millions tonnes of rice straw these recent weeks so they can prepare their fields for the next planting season. While we’re all struggling a little bit harder …

Iris Boutros

Euromoney: Ministry of Supply to procure up to 200,000 tonnes of wheat

Abu Shadi: We are determined to win the war on vendors’ inflated prices

The ministry will create the competition that forces vendors to sell for less
The ministry plans to complete 100 silos this fiscal year
Egypt awarded 7 silos, will issue tenders for 8 this month, and 10 next month
Rice exports are halted until sufficient amounts are secured for domestic consumption

Dahlia Kholaif