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Lebanon: the risks of a wider Syrian conflict

By Nizar Abdel-Kader The dilemma Syria faces at present is to choose between the Arab League initiative to create favorable conditions for dialogue with the regime’s opponents on the one hand, and, on the other, internationalization of the crisis — with the risk of the sort of military intervention that ended the Qaddafi regime in Libya. …


The fate of the Assad dynasty

By Nizar Abdel-Kader As the rule of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi appears to be reaching its end after rebel forces took over his Tripoli stronghold, it is legitimate to wonder about the effects of these developments on the course of events in Syria and the future of President Bashar Assad. It is hard to draw a parallel …


US-Syrian relations at a crossroads

By Nizar Abdel-Kader Robert Ford, the first American ambassador to Syria since 2005, arrived in Damascus on Sunday, January 16, during a time of regional turmoil with mutual and continuing distrust between Washington and Damascus. This distrust was clearly expressed when the Obama administration accused Syria and Iran of destabilizing Lebanon by providing arms to …


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