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Prime Minister reviews progress on National Dialogue initiatives

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has examined the second progress report detailing the…

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Egypt Presidential Election: National Dialogue demands state bodies remain impartial

Egypt's National Dialogue demanded that state institutions and bodies remain impartial and…

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National Dialogue to finalise proposals and present them to Egypt’s President

The general coordinator of the National Dialogue, Diaa Rashwan, has said that…

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Egypt’s National Dialogue starts, economy, pretrial detention top agenda

At the National Dialogue, Egypt's Former Foreign Minister Amre Moussa said that…

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Egypt’s National Dialogue to kick off Wednesday, with no red lines: Diaa Rashwan

Rashwan said that the Dialogue's Board of Trustees includes 19 members representing…

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Board of Trustees of National Dialogue to continue work on finalising its agendas

The council also reviewed what it received from the action plans in…

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General Coordinator of National Dialogue denies its end

No party did not participate in the national dialogue: General Coordinator

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First National Reconciliation and Transitional Justice meeting

Muslim Brotherhood refuses calls for reconciliation on grounds of the “current government’s…

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Tamarod to hold national reconciliation dialogue

The Muslim Brotherhood refuse invitation to dialogue

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Constitution first: June 30 Front

The June 30 Front calls for reconciliation and warns of repeating previous…

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