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British Muslims transcending differences

By Mubashir Khan LONDON: Can love really bring people together, crossing boundaries and breaking down barriers? It sounds like the stuff of fairy tales and movies, but recently in a little corner of London that’s exactly what happened. In a trendy Indian restaurant that used to be a pub, people of different faiths and backgrounds got …


Creating new spaces for Muslim youth in the UK

By Marium Sattar LONDON: While sitting across from me in a café near the British Museum in London, a British Iraqi friend recently told me, “I’ve lived here all my life but I don’t feel British.” Her words surprised me, but echoed the sentiments of other second generation British youth I have met. Many young people …


Far more Christian than Muslim migrants worldwide

By Tom Heneghan / Reuters PARIS: Christians far outnumber Muslims as migrants around the world, including in the European Union where debates about immigration usually focus on new Muslim arrivals, according to a new study issued on Thursday. Of the world’s 214 million people who have moved from their home country to live in another, about …


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