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Barbecued meat, rice, drinking water could kill you softly

Because of human activities, arsenic pollution is rising

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Egyptians shift to poultry after unreasonable hike in meat, fish prices

Radical changes in the economic environment in Egypt that resulted from the

Noha Abd ElRahman Noha Abd ElRahman

Egypt resumes importing Brazilian meat: Ministry of Agriculture

The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture confirmed in a statement to Reuters that

Farida Ismail Farida Ismail

ABCC closely monitors Brazil meat probe

Brazilian federal police are investigating 21 slaughterhouses on suspicion of irregularities


EU mulls meat imports ban from Brazil

Amid a corruption scandal over the sale of rotten food, China has

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Brazil tries to contain damage from meat scandal

Amid a scandal over the sale of rotten meat, Brazil's government has

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Egypt importing meat, poultry from Russia is a political step

Brazil has best quality at best prices; Russia cannot export a commodity it

Hisham Salah Hisham Salah

Baseera Centre: 4.3 million Egyptians believe they eat donkey meat

Almost all 18-year-olds in the survey do not trust the food they

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Boycott campaign seeks to lower skyrocketing meat prices

Consumption of red meat is expected to increase to 1,340 tonnes in

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Ministry of Supply to negotiate with NBE Khartoum branch to import Sudanese meat

International companies welcome investing in Global Logistics Centre for Grain Handling and

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