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PA adds people with complete disabilities to martyrs’ fund

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: The People’s Assembly (PA) approved Monday a law that would increase compensation for the families of the Jan. 25 martyrs from LE 30,000 to LE 100,000 each, adding people with disabilities to the beneficiaries. The PA added an article to the initial proposal to grant those injured during the Jan. 25 …


Revolution’s injured still seek their rights

By Heather Moore CAIRO: In a small courtyard outside the National Council for the Care of Martyrs and Injured, people swarm around two barred windows with outstretched arms, thrusting paper work toward the front of the crowd. Over a year after the Jan. 25 uprising, Egyptians injured in the course of the street action that toppled …


PA approves increase in compensation for martyrs’ families to LE 100,000

CAIRO: The People’s Assembly (PA) approved Monday a draft law to increase compensation for the families of the martyrs who died during the January uprising and subsequent clashes with security from LE 30,000 to LE 100,000 each. The draft law will be reviewed by the constitutional and legislative affairs committee before its final approval. Saad …


Presidential elections, retribution for martyrs to top PA agenda

CAIRO: Presidential elections, the emergency law and compensation and justice for the martyrs of the Jan. 25 uprising are expected to lead discussions at the People’s Assembly Tuesday, with the prime minister and interior minister in attendance. "We will discuss everything related to retrieving the martyrs’ rights including the compensation and the ongoing trials of …


Court orders urgent monthly pension for Jan. 25 injured

CAIRO: The Administrative Court obliged Wednesday the Egyptian government to give those injured during the Jan. 25 revolt an urgent exceptional monthly pension specified according to their injuries, regardless of other sources of income they may have. The case, filed by lawyers of the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR), dates back to …


All martyrs’ families to be compensated before Jan. 25, says PM

CAIRO: Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzoury announced that 669 of the martyrs’ families have received compensation along with 3,200 of the injured, promising that the rest will be compensated before Jan. 25. These include the martyrs and injured from Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud and the Cabinet clashes that took place over the past three months. At a …


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