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Kerry, Iran’s Zarif discuss next round of nuclear talks

Kerry and Iran's Mohammad Javad Zarif “discussed the upcoming negotiations with the…

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Israel wants to annex 4th settlement bloc: radio

The report said Netanyahu was proposing that Israel also keep hold of…

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Kerry downplays Israeli minister’s comments

A diplomatic row erupted between Israel and Washington on Tuesday after Yaalon…

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US Congress makes $1.3bn in military aid available in 2014

New bill facilitates the return of military aid to Egypt following its…

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Middle East peace at critical point: Kerry

Fahmy attends Arab Peace Initiative meeting in Paris

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Fahmy to meet with Kerry, Friends of Syria in Paris

Egypt’s foreign minister will attend meetings regarding Syria and Palestine and Israel

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Kerry launches 2014 with all-out bid for Mideast peace

US Secretary of State John Kerry hurtles into 2014 with a trip…

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Arab League holds Israel responsible for hindering peace

The Arab League held an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss Palestinian-Israeli…

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Brotherhood leaders fire back at Kerry remarks

Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood denounces US Secretary of State’s comments,…

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Muslim Brotherhood ‘stole’ Egypt’s revolution: Kerry

Kerry made some of his toughest comments yet about the party that…

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