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Kerry phones Shoukry about Syria, Libya and bilateral relations 

Shoukry and Kerry also tackled bilateral relations between Egypt and the US,

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Kerry: ‘Big transition’ in Syria soon

The US' top diplomat has said that a political solution to the

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Opinion: Fatal comparison

Hitler merely wanted to drive the Jews out, not kill them. The

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As violence rages in Middle East, Kerry holds talks with Netanyahu in Berlin

The US Secretary of State has met Israel's prime minister to discuss

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Iran, Saudi Arabia and the new Middle East

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier is set to visit the Middle East to

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Report: US to defend Syrian rebels from Assad with air power

US President Barack Obama has decided to allow airstrikes in Syria to

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Kerry, Al-Sisi discuss counter-terrorism

The US Secretary of State announced his country's support for Egypt's counter-insurgency

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US Secretary of State Kerry begins Middle East tour

US Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Egypt on the

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Kerry to arrive in Egypt for long-postponed Strategic Dialogue

The dialogue is expected to reaffirm US’ longstanding and enduring partnership with

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Kerry, Shoukry discuss preparations for strategic dialogue in July

Dialogue was put on hold for months after being first agreed upon

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