Kerry phones Shoukry about Syria, Libya and bilateral relations 

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Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received a phone call from his US counterpart John Kerry on Saturday night. The top diplomats discussed regional issues, focusing on the Syrian crisis, Libya and countering terrorism.

The ministers discussed the means of supporting a political process in Syria, the completion of a political and constitutional framework for the national unity government in Libya, in addition to the coordination of counter-terrorism efforts in the region.

Shoukry and Kerry also tackled bilateral relations between Egypt and the US, as Kerry affirmed the US’ commitment to support stability and economic development in Egypt, according to a statement from the ministry.

Kerry had issued a statement earlier this month in which he expressed his deep concern over the human rights situation in Egypt in recent months, to which Shoukry responded that it is an internal issue.

Kerry’s comments came following reports about a new wave of prosecution against NGO workers in Egypt.

International concerns over the status of civil society in Egypt increased in March after investigations were reopened and intensified in the in the case known as the “NGOs’ foreign funding” case.

On Friday, a New York Times editorial called on US president Barack Obama’s administration to “reassess whether an alliance that has long been considered a cornerstone of American national security policy is doing more harm than good”.

Shoukry is expected to visit Washington by the end of March to take part in the Nuclear Security Summit that will be held between 29 and 31 March. Shoukry is set to arrive on Sunday in Bahrain then the he will visit the UAE before travelling to the US.

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