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Spanish writer Miguel Delibes dies at 89

Miguel Delibes, one of Spain s top novelists whose works portrayed the


Mummy of Egypt's monotheist pharaoh to return home

CAIRO: The DNA tests that revealed how the famed boy-king Tutankhamun most


A lighthearted, powerful exploration of gender issues

Occasional imaginative and probing works aside, most critics have grown weary of

Mariam Hamdy Mariam Hamdy

A lifeless Alice in wonderless land

The danger is too great of thus learning to look at solemn

Annelle Sheline Annelle Sheline

Forcing connections: 'Brothers Karamazov' and Egyptian society

Adapting a novel for the stage is not an easy task. Adapting

Dalia Basiouny Dalia Basiouny

Royal Crown Revue: It's got that swing

If it ain't got the swing, jazz icon Duke Ellington would have

Chitra Kalyani Chitra Kalyani

Corey Haim prolonged tragic Hollywood tradition

Corey Haim s story is sadly familiar in Hollywood: A teen talent


Egypt to pay for restoration of all synagogues

CAIRO: Egypt will shoulder the costs of restoring the country s Jewish


Propaganda and Islam get the Berlin treatment

The "Jew Süss controversyNo other film in this year's Berlianle was met

Joseph Fahim Joseph Fahim