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The comfort of dormancy

After tackling hunger in "Gou (Hunger), Egyptian novelist Mohamed Al-Bosaty turns his

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British actress Kate Winslet splits from husband

British movie star Kate Winslet has separated from her film director husband

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London's Carnaby St marks 50 years since Swinging Sixties

London s Carnaby Street, a potent symbol of the Swinging Sixties where


A night of Jazz moves from 'contemplative' to 'maddening'

Jazz pianist Bill Evans once said of his art form, "Jazz is

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In the footsteps of Moses, climbing Mount Sinai

ST. CATHERINE: In the Bible, Moses climbs Mount Sinai to receive the

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3,000-year-old sarcophagus back in Egypt

CAIRO: A 3,000-year-old ornately painted coffin arrived back in Egypt on Saturday,


Egyptian born oil magnate in huge donation to Swiss museum

GENEVA: An Egyptian-born magnate behind the recent sale of huge West African


Egypt cancels unveiling of restored synagogue

CAIRO: Egypt has canceled the inauguration of a restored synagogue citing the


Hand-made 'films' a Vietnam man's passion

For half a century, Vietnamese artist Nguyen Van Long has been drawing


Ziad Rahbani: The concert that was not

Jazz started as the song of the slave: spelling freedom, rebellion, even

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