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Removing roads to protect tigers

A logging company in far eastern Russia is planing to protect Siberian

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Environmental talk considers effect of rising seas levels on Egypt

Egypt’s population and industry typically live by water; threats are more severe

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NGOs criticise amendments on using coal

Environment ministry to expand use of coal in unlimited number of industries 

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People stand against tree massacre in famous Heliopolis garden

No permission for trees’ removal provided, minister orders stop to “unfair trimming”

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Protest, investment and BP: Egypt is open for business but not for accountability

With billions of dollars of investment due to flood Egypt, we look

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Al-Sisi meets African environment ministers

Ministers met on the side lines of AMCEN 15 organised by UNEP

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African environment ministers return to Cairo after 30 years

The 15th AMCEN summit runs throughout this week

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Agreement signed converting 2,000 cars to run on natural gas

210,000 cars running on natural gas, 180 supply stations and 74 conversion

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Calls for a ‘religious revolution’

Al-Sisi’s call for a “religious revolution” was criticised, but was not followed

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GIZ allocating $50m for green building and sustainable community projects: Wehenpohl

German company launching 17 development projects in Egypt, including ones to develop

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