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Less than one third of Egyptians approve of Morsi’s performance

After one year in office, twice as many Egyptians would not re-elect…

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Egypt begins evacuation of expats in Syria

The Egyptian embassy in Damascus says more than 5,000 Egyptians have been…

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Presidential approval ratings after 10 months in office

Less than one third of Egyptians would vote for Morsy if presidential…

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Foreign maids: a flourishing new market in Egypt

Every month, hundreds of immigrants, whether Nigerians, Indonesians or Filipinos, arrive in…

Ethar Shalaby Ethar Shalaby

Two Egyptian nationals abducted in Yemen

Yemeni tribe abducts two Egyptians to pressure the Yemeni government to meet…

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Egyptians in Israeli prisons begin a hunger strike

Israel has so far released 5 Egyptian inmates, all from the Sinai…

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Egyptians protest in Libya

Protesters demanded Egyptian authorities hand over Ahmed Qaddaf al-Dam, cousin of slain…

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Demonstrations in several governorates in support of Al-Azhar

Sufi groups, political parties, and revolutionary groups demonstrated in Cairo, Luxor Mansoura…

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Egyptian delegation in Libya meets Egyptian Copts and Libyan officials

Prosecutor General’s representative visits Egyptians in Libyan prisons, Coptic representative and Libyan…

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Following the trail of inspiration

Omar Samra shares what drives him and inspires others

Thoraia Abou Bakr Thoraia Abou Bakr