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Egyptian-Italian debt swap programme begins procedures for fourth tranche

Egyptian-Italian debt swap programme begins procedures for fourth tranche

The committee agreed to start the procedures for completing the fourth tranche of the programme, and to work on its innovative implementation to be an unconventional tool for financing, with the participation of the private sector and multilateral development banks, with the aim of doubling the benefit from the amounts that will be allocated in light of this stage, after completing the first and second tranches, and soon Completion of the projects included in the third tranche, in the presence of representatives of the Italian Embassy, ​​the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the Technical Support Unit of the Management Committee, and the work team of the Ministry of International Cooperation.

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Ahmed Ezz

Loans: Who is to blame?      

The government borrows money to meet its short- or long-term needs when there is a budget deficit. This is called debt. So, debt is a bill paid by coming generations in cases of obtaining loans for the purpose of narrowing a budget deficit without aiming to finance development projects. Or it may be a bill …

Ahmed Ezz

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Industrial sector owes EGAS EGP 7bn in debts

The debts of the industrial sector owed to the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) amounted to EGP 7bn, according to a source at the company. According to the source, who asked not to be named, the indebtedness of the industrial sector has increased recently as a result of factories tending to pay only a …

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