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How to make the world affordably carbon-free

If the world is to quit coal and gas for renewable energy

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Arctic lakes emit less carbon amount than previously thought

In many parts of world, lakes receive, break down plenty of terrestrial

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Salmon may lose ability to detect dangers as carbon emissions increase

We hope findings will alert people to potential consequences of elevated carbon

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UAE, KSA among top nations to suffer from social cost of carbon

New data shows SCC to be about $180-$800 per tonne of carbon

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These cities have the largest carbon footprint

A dubious distinction: top 10 cities with largest carbon footprint. Asia, the

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Can ‘carbon law’ help businesses save the climate?

You may never have heard of carbon law — it has nothing

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Schellnhuber: ‘Scientists have to take to the streets’ to counter climate denial

It's high time to act if we want to reach the goals

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Oil, gas and the ‘long transition’ to a low-carbon economy

Oil and gas industry representatives are gathering in Norway for the biennial

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Charcoal production in Egypt

At the completion of the process, tar composes nearly 30% of the

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Carbon capture and storage: Magic pill or chimera?

As a new climate treaty is negotiated, there's debate around decarbonization versus

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