EGP 905 average household communication expenditure in 2015: CAPMAS

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) stated that the…

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Inflation stabilizes at 30.9%, unchanged from May

Curbing inflation is a priority and will lead to lower interest rates:…

Mohamed Ayyad Mohamed Ayyad

4.5% decrease in Index of Manufacturing during January 2017: CAPMAS

The Index of Manufacturing—excluding crude oil and petroleum products—registered 123.04 points during…

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81.5% of total water resources in Egypt consumed in agriculture: CAPMAS

The agriculture sector remains the largest consumer of water in Egypt, as…

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2.3% decrease in the value of industrial production in Q2 2016, compared to Q2 2015: CAPMAS

Coke, petroleum products contribute 17.8% of total industrial production value

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Egypt 57th among 113 countries in 2016 global food security index: CAPMAS

Self-sufficiency ratio of wheat decreased from 56.4% to 49.1% during 2006-2015

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67.4% increase in total collected foreign exchange in 2015/2016: CAPMAS 

Total proceeds of foreign exchange amounted to EGP 1.5088tn 2015/2016, compared to…

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Egypt’s total fish production reaches 1.53m tonnes in 2015: CAPMAS

Total fish production reached 1.53m tonnes in 2015, compared to 1.48m tonnes…

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1.6% decrease in index of manufacturing during December 2016: CAPMAS

The index of manufacturing—not including crude oil and petroleum products—declined to 138.69…

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3.9 % decrease of irrigation water used in agriculture in 2015

The amount of irrigation water used for agriculture reached 36.75bn cubic metres…

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