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Bassem Youssef faces backlash after insulting Armed Forces

Youssef criticised the businesses being run by the army, highlighting the current…

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Youssef: ‘I prefer satire with absolutely no borders’

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef was a cardiac surgeon before appearing as a…

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Bassem Youssef releases promotional sketch about American Islamophobia

The Egyptian comedian’s new show “The Democracy Handbook” will air on 7…

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Abla Fahita: A delight in TV turmoil

The satirical puppet show’s finale will air on New Year’s Eve

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3 Copts face charges for giving Muslims dates to break fast

“There is no such crime as preaching in Egyptian law,” says defence…

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Bassem Youssef to host international Emmy Awards

He has become a comedic force and important political commentator around the…

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Ending Al-Bernameg is a message louder than anything that could ever be said: Bassem Youssef

I have a better shot of becoming first Middle Eastern President of…

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Bassem Youssef set to star in secretly filmed documentary

Surgeon-turned-television presenter will star in “Tickling Giants” about free speech and satire…

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Lawsuit targets army officials claiming HIV, Hepatitis C cure

Poor and helpless patients put high hopes on ‘army scam invention’, says…

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Egyptian market has strong growth opportunities due to large youth population: OSN Middle East Marketing Director

20% annual growth target for OSN channels in the Egyptian market during…

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