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Armed clashes occur between Iranian, Afghan border guards

Armed clashes erupted on Saturday between Iranian and Afghan border guards on…

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Afghan children chase football dream despite war, poverty

Millions of kids around the world dream of becoming football legend Lionel…

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Afghan security forces discover IS weaponry in northern province

The Afghan security forces have discovered a weapon cache and mine-making center…

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Afghan forces raid IS hideout in Kabul, discover arms and ammunition

Afghan forces raided a hideout of Daesh or the rival Islamic State…

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Afghan withdrawal exposes weakness in UK’s ties with Western allies: lawmaker

A British lawmaker on Wednesday blasted the withdrawal of British troops from…

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Afghans suffer as US wraps up mission in Afghanistan

"It was a horrific scene as the injured men were crying for…

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Series of bombings injures dozens in Afghan city of Jalalabad

The bombs were planted near a market where people gathered after attending…

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IS claims responsibility for suicide bombing killing 63 in Afghan wedding

Taliban denied responsibility for the attack and condemned it

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The Afghan Quagmire

 New York -It is impossible to win a war that you cannot…

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Pakistan arrests National Geographic’s famous ‘Afghan girl’

The Afghan woman who posed for photographer Steve McCurry's famous picture has…

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