Serbian Cultural Days in Egypt: Celebrating 116 years of relations

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Egypt and Serbia are set to celebrate 116 years of diplomatic relations with a three-day cultural program titled “Serbian Cultural Days in Egypt.” The events, taking place from July 10-12, 2024, are held under the patronage of the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Ahmed Hanno, in collaboration with the Serbian Ministry of Culture.

The program aims to highlight the importance of cultural exchange in strengthening bilateral ties and showcasing the shared history between the two nations. It features the participation of various institutions, including the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Tourism Authority, the Serbian Embassy in Cairo, and the Egyptian Embassy in Serbia.

The events kick off on July 10th with a symposium titled “The Non-Aligned Movement and Its Global Role” hosted by the Supreme Council of Culture. The symposium will be moderated by Professor Mohamed Afeefi and will feature presentations from a distinguished panel of experts from both Egypt and Serbia. Discussions will centre on the historical significance and ongoing impact of the Non-Aligned Movement.

The same day, the Supreme Council of Culture will hold a second symposium titled “Egypt and Serbia – Cultural Relations.” The evening session will feature opening remarks by Egyptian and Serbian officials, followed by a screening of a documentary film about Serbia.

A key highlight will be a joint exhibition organized by the National Library and Archives of Egypt and the Serbian National Archives. The exhibition, opening on July 10th, will showcase important documents related to the Non-Aligned Movement and a collection of rare photographs from the movement’s first conference held in Belgrade in 1961.

The Egyptian Opera House will host the cultural program on July 11th. The evening will begin with the opening of several Serbian art and historical exhibitions at the Salah Taher Hall. These include exhibitions showcasing Serbian handicrafts, landscapes (“Serbia: Mountains and Rivers”), and artefacts related to the wife of the late President Tito, a prominent figure in the Non-Aligned Movement. A film screening related to this period will also be included.

The evening will culminate in a joint artistic performance at the Main Theater. The performance, directed by Khaled Galal, will feature the participation of both the Serbian “Kolo” Serbian Folk Arts Troupe and the “Reza Folk Arts Troupe” from Egypt.

The program concludes on July 12th with a screening of the Serbian film “King Peter” at the Small Theater of the Egyptian Opera House.

This three-day program offers a diverse range of cultural events to celebrate the long-standing relationship between Egypt and Serbia.

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