Egypt hosts conference of Sudanese political and civil forces to address ongoing crisis

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Abdelatty highlighted the urgency of ending the conflict, stressing the devastating effects it has had on the Sudanese people and institutions. He called for an immediate and sustainable ceasefire to pave the way for a coordinated humanitarian response and a comprehensive political solution that reflects the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

The Foreign Minister commended the efforts of Sudan’s neighbours, who have hosted millions of refugees and shared resources despite their own economic difficulties. He urged the international community to fulfil its financial commitments made at previous conferences to support Sudan, highlighting the significant funding gap that remains.

Abdelatty underscored Egypt’s own humanitarian efforts, including hosting hundreds of thousands of Sudanese refugees in addition to the millions already residing in the country. He also detailed Egypt’s ongoing support through the provision of food, medical supplies, and development projects such as electricity linkages and port reconstruction.

Foreign Minister Abdelatty reiterated Egypt’s commitment to supporting all efforts to stop the bloodshed, preserve Sudanese gains, and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid. He emphasised that any lasting political solution must be Sudanese-led, without external pressures, but facilitated by international and regional institutions.

Abdelatty emphasised that the conflict is primarily a Sudanese issue and that the future political process should be inclusive of all effective national actors.

He underscored the importance of respecting Sudan’s sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, and non-interference in internal affairs. He also stressed the critical role of a unified Sudanese armed forces in protecting the nation and its citizens.

The conference serves as a continuation of Egypt’s efforts to end the conflict in Sudan. Abdelatty expressed his hope that the participants could unify their visions and efforts to overcome the crisis.

He called on all parties to prioritise Sudan’s national interest and reaffirmed Egypt’s unwavering support for achieving stability, progress, and prosperity in the country.

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