Accumulated reserves of EGP 120.7bn for Comprehensive Health Insurance: Maximising investment returns for beneficiaries

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Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance and President of the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance, recently announced significant progress in Egypt’s comprehensive health insurance system. This initiative aims to fulfil the dream of providing comprehensive health coverage for all family members.

Implemented in the governorates of Port Said, Ismailia, Luxor, and South Sinai, the system has already benefited 4.6 million citizens. These individuals now enjoy the advantages of comprehensive health insurance, with the state covering EGP 2.8bn in subscriptions for those in need.

Looking ahead, comprehensive health insurance will extend to the governorates of Suez and Aswan starting from the new fiscal year 2024/2025. Despite global challenges, this initiative remains committed to providing high-quality universal health coverage, contributing to dignified lives and aligning with human development goals.

The project focuses on separating service provision, funding, oversight and accreditation. Beneficiaries can choose between public and private healthcare providers, university hospitals, or those under the Health Care Authority umbrella. Financial performance indicators demonstrate the sustainability of necessary financial flows, with “total reserves” accumulating to approximately EGP 120.7bn. Efforts are directed toward maximizing investment returns for the benefit of system beneficiaries.

Private sector participation is crucial to the success of comprehensive health insurance. A fair pricing strategy, overseen by a committee including private sector representatives, ensures trust and accessibility. The system aims to provide a comprehensive healthcare umbrella for all family members.

International development partners, including the World Bank, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and the French Development Agency, have actively supported this national project. Their involvement improves healthcare services, reduces financial burdens, and enhances overall well-being, ultimately contributing to poverty reduction and increased productivity.

The comprehensive health insurance system covers over 4,000 medical services, leveraging the latest scientific advancements available in Egypt’s healthcare institutions. From disease management to surgical interventions, diagnostics, cancer treatment, organ transplants, prosthetics, visual and auditory aids, dental care, and integrative nutrition, it ensures holistic well-being for citizens.

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