22nd Automech-Formula Motor Show 2015 launched

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The 22nd session of the Cairo International Auto Show “Automech-Formula 2015”, the official international motor and accessories show in Egypt and the Middle East hosted by the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12-17 March, was launched.

Workers in the sector are relying on the optimism regarding the success of this session, despite the various obstacles facing the auto sector in Egypt.

The sector has rectified its conditions last year and achieved record sales  and the highest growth rate over the past five years according to a report by the Automotive Marketing Information Council (AMIC), all despite the challenges and events suffered by the Egyptian market and the economy as a whole, as auto market sales reached 292,938 cars (almost 50% of which are locally manufactured) with an increase rate of 49.6% compare to 2013, this makes the contribution of the automotive sector to the gross national product (GDP) amount for $3bn  which is more than half of the state’s income from the Suez Canal, which in turn amount for $5bn. The Auto market is no longer just an industry; it plays a big role in supporting the national economy as a whole, and is expected to achieve considerable growth this year.

ART LINE ACG-ITF, the company organising the Cairo International Auto Show, made sure the exhibition included all categories; from passenger cars with their various categories and models, to transport vehicles both light and heavy, as well as means of transport of goods and passengers, scooters, spare parts, cars accessories, equipment, maintenance, service, and feeder industries, in addition to modifications and car accessories that appeal to a broad line of visitors, in addition to services associated to the sector; such as funding services through many banks and insurance companies. The Exhibition is supported by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) and The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)

Automech-Formula 2015 has all that is new in the world of auto shows.

Automech-Formula this year is different on the organisational level and the number of new models showed, which is more than 45 new models of all categories, as per the organisational level, several sophisticated systems have been implemented this year in integration with the website of the exhibition” www.automech-formula.com”, an there was cooperation with e7gezly Company Services to send the e-ticket bearing the QR code via emails and text messages, The entrances to the exhibition has been equipped with private entrance for holders of e-tickets  to ensure their speedy entrance.

Motorbikes were also strongly present, with about 30 different models that include Ducati, KTM, BMW, Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki, Victory, SYM scooters, and others.


Samsung and the hot toss over Audi A1

After the success and great popularity Samsung acquired following Automatic Formula exhibition, the company decided to keep its sponsorship for the integrated services in the exhibition. The company announced an exciting surprise: a toss over Audi A1 for the exhibition visitors who would buy Galaxy A from its place in the exhibition.

Mobinil also participated in the exhibition and offered visitors a service for tickets booking through “Mobinil 8000” service, in order to obtain the entrance ticket electronically and avoid waiting in front of gates.

Rawaj: The sponsor of car funding services

Rawaj was keen to be the only sponsor of cars funding services in Automech Formula 2015, with its slogan “Easiest Instalment…Fastest Procedures”. The company offered the visitors benefits including different instalment programmes that do not require insurance or administrative expenses, among other facilities.

E7gezly and Bey2ollak – the digital sponsors

The digital sponsorship was given to E7gezly that allows the car fans to book the entrance ticket electronically over their phones and enter immediately, as well as Bey2ollak which participated with its services related to traffic and road. It is one of the applications that achieved great success among car drivers in Egypt.

AUTOTECH supports sector of spare parts, accessories and feeding industries

Hall 2 and 3 of the exhibition were allocated to AUTOTECH to offer its services to business men working in spare parts and accessories trade, and equipment of maintenance workshops and service centres, in addition to other feeding industries for the sector of cars.

Funding and instalment services in the exhibition through Auto Loan

The services that are most important to visitors are these provided by banks and funding companies. These companies are keen on providing the best offers concerning repayment facilities, through the exhibition of Automech Formula 2015. Senior banks and funding companies in Egypt confirmed that they will present funding offers, especially for visitors, and on top of these companies are:  Rawaj, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Al Baraka Bank, Banque Misr, Direct Company for Funding, QNB Al-Ahli, Societe Arabe Internationale de Banque (SAIB). These banks and companies will compete to present the best offers for visitors during the exhibition.

Most prominent new car models in the exhibition

The new version, nationally assembled, for BMWX5 was launched and is considered to be the only car nationally assembled in the luxurious sector of the sportive cars SUV. Also, the totally new BMWX4 will be officially launched for the first time. BMW hall will present for the first time the fourth category of Gran Coupe in the Egyptian market. This coupe is considered the first coupe with four doors.

Mercedes-Benz:  a compact car will be added to SUV Mercedes-Benz sector, in order to complete the group which includes GL, ML, GLK and G Class. The company introduced the model GLA 200 to the Egyptian market, following the new design for Mercedes-Benz.

Nissan: Presented special surprises in the exhibition, it offered Esflow model for the electric car with sportive performance, in addition to its model Qashqai, which had great success in the Egyptian market.

Volkswagen: The company has presented during the exhibition the eighth generation for Passat model, which received the title of “European Car of the Year 2015”.

Land Rover: Discovery model was newly presented, which belongs to SUV compact and luxurious category.

Ford: The new generation for Focus was presented officially for the first time; also the new generation for Fusion was offered for the first time during the exhibition.

Jaguar: It presented the Coupe version of its fascinating car F-Type, with the biggest engine.

Mini Cooper: It presented during the exhibition for the first time in its history, the Mini Cooper with 5 doors.

Opel: Presented Cascada, also during the exhibition and for the first time, and presented the fifth generation for Corsa, in addition to the Adam model.

Peugeot: Presented the new design for its model 508, and it also presents, through the exhibition, the sportive version for its famous car GT308.

Mazda: Among the newest cars is Mazda6 and which also received awards.

KIA: Through its wing in the exhibition, it presented a large group of new cars. For the first time, KIA nationally presented the sportive version for the car Sorento, in addition to Cee`d, with its hatchback version and the family model for Station wagons.

Hyundai: The new version of its famous sportive car Santa Fe was released, in addition to the group of models, presented nationally, like, Grandi10, with its two versions, Sedan and Hatchback.

Subaru: presented its new generation for its car Imbereza and Subaru Outback SUV.

Suzuki: Presented the new model for Ciaz, this was launched lately. Also Maruti, Swift and Hatchback were among its collection.

Seat: Launched its distinctive car Alhambra and Leon Cobra, which received awards. The new category for the model Leon and the family version ST were also offered.

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