Egypt, Namibia foster health sector cooperation

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Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, has met with Kalumbi Shangula, Namibia’s Minister of Health, to explore avenues for collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two nations.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesperson for Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population, highlighted several key areas of cooperation. These included sharing Egypt’s expertise in managing public health initiatives, localizing pharmaceutical manufacturing, and expediting drug registration processes.

During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of formalizing current and future memorandums of understanding. Notably, they explored ways to enhance human resources capabilities by exchanging medical personnel. This exchange would address shortages in dentists, pharmacists, and nursing staff in Namibia, while also providing training in the latest medical programs and scientific technologies.

Additionally, the ministers explored collaboration in manufacturing medical supplies and improving medical laboratories.

Minister Abdel Ghaffar emphasized Namibia’s interest in learning from Egypt’s comprehensive health insurance system, pandemic management, crisis response, and disaster preparedness. He directed the rapid development of a memorandum of understanding that would facilitate post-graduation training for medical personnel. The plan includes the possibility of hosting Namibian medical professionals in Egyptian hospitals, universities, and research institutes across various specialities.

Furthermore, Egypt proposed involving Namibia in the “Egyptian One Health Strategy,” a joint effort with the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture. This strategy aims to prevent infections and diseases by following the One Health principle recommended by the World Health Organization.

Namibia’s Minister of Health expressed gratitude for Egypt’s unwavering support during challenging times. The close bilateral relations have led to agreements that allow Egyptian medical cadres to provide essential healthcare services to the people of Namibia.


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