China-Egypt relationship remains strong, enduring: Chinese ambassador

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Chinese Ambassador to Cairo, Liao Liqiang, recently commented on the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, which President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi attended. Liqiang emphasized that President Al-Sisi’s visit to China coincided with the 10th anniversary of comprehensive strategic relations between the two countries. This milestone underscores the importance of advancing bilateral and Arab relations while enhancing cooperation for future peace and stability in the region.

During the forum, the Egyptian and Chinese presidents discussed various aspects of bilateral relations and cooperation. They also exchanged views on regional and international matters, setting the stage for a prosperous new chapter in their ties.

President Al-Sisi’s visit holds significance in promoting cooperation and maintaining regional stability. Notably, many Chinese citizens express a strong desire to visit Egypt.

On the sidelines of the cooperation forum, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with President Al-Sisi, making Al-Sisi the first Arab leader to meet with Xi Jinping. This meeting emphasized alignment and the need for mutual trust. Egypt was the first Arab and African country to recognize the People’s Republic of China 68 years ago, and their strong ties have continued since then.

Over the past decade, the presidents have met 11 times, exemplifying the solidarity, support, mutual benefit, and cooperation between China and Arab nations. This partnership serves as a foundation for enhanced collaboration with other Arab and African countries.

The visit resulted in a joint statement, deepening the strategic partnership and elevating relations to a new level. Both sides announced that 2024 would be the Year of Egyptian-Chinese Partnership.

President Al-Sisi expressed Egypt’s aspiration to deepen relations and promote peace and stability. Cairo reaffirmed its support for the One China policy, and China’s efforts on the global stage were acknowledged.

China actively supports Egypt’s economic development plans, encouraging Chinese companies to invest in Egypt and tourists to explore its unique attractions. During his visit, President Al-Sisi met with Chinese companies to review their operations and further accomplishments.

“President Al-Sisi’s visit also aimed to strengthen multilateral cooperation. He expressed China’s support for Egypt’s membership in the BRICS group and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, as well as endorsing Cairo’s regional and global efforts to advance shared interests in Africa. China is eager to collaborate with Egypt, enhancing Arab relations through the China-Arab Cooperation Forum and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation,” according to Liqiang.

He further emphasized, “President Xi reaffirmed China’s position on the Palestinian issue, stressing the urgent need for a just and comprehensive solution. He highlighted the dire situation in Gaza, emphasizing an immediate ceasefire and asserting that the two-state solution remains fundamental to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Acknowledging Egypt’s role in calming tensions and providing aid, the Ambassador added that President Al-Sisi’s visit also focused on achieving mutual goals. Both sides agreed to increase reciprocal visits and explore broader prospects.

Egypt and China collaborate within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative and Egypt’s Vision 2030. They also work together regionally to advance the peace process.

“The Egyptian and Chinese presidents are charting the course for their relationship over the next decade, aiming to be partners in shared development and enhanced cooperation,” the ambassador revealed. “China recognizes Egypt as a major player in the Middle East and Africa, supporting its efforts to enhance regional security and ensure safe maritime navigation in the Red Sea.”

Concluding, the Ambassador highlighted Cairo and Beijing’s joint commitment to the Palestinian cause. China appreciates President Al-Sisi’s efforts to promote the two-state solution. China stands ready to coordinate with Egypt to advance economic globalization and serve as a model for other countries in the Global South.”

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