30.2% increase in foreign workers licensed in Egypt’s private, investment sectors in 2023: CAPMAS

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The total number of foreign nationals who received work permits in Egypt’s private and investment sectors reached 17,357 in 2023, compared to 13,331 in 2022. This significant increase of 30.2% was reported by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in their annual bulletin.

CAPMAS revealed that 7,973 foreigners were issued work permits for the first time in 2023, accounting for 45.9% of the total. Additionally, 9,384 foreigners had their contracts renewed, making up 54.1% of the workforce.

Among the foreign workers, those from non-Arab Asian countries constituted the largest group, with 6,275 individuals (36.2%). Europeans followed closely with 5,975 individuals (34.4%), while Arabs accounted for 3,487 individuals (20.1%). Americans and non-Arab Africans represented smaller portions, with 779 (4.5%) and 662 (3.8%) individuals, respectively. The smallest group hailed from Oceanian countries, comprising only 71 individuals (0.4%).

Labour directorates issued the majority of work permits for foreign workers in the private and investment sectors in 2023, granting 8,122 permits (46.8%). Investment offices issued 6,227 permits (35.9%), company offices issued 2,246 permits (12.9%), and petroleum offices issued 762 permits (4.4%).

The report also highlighted the occupational distribution of foreign workers. The largest category consisted of legislators, senior officials, and managers, totalling 5,413 individuals (31.2%). Professionals in scientific fields followed closely with 4,215 individuals (24.3%), while technicians and associate professionals accounted for 3,337 individuals (19.2%).

Regarding industry sectors, manufacturing employed the largest number of foreign workers, with 4,495 individuals (25.9%). The arts, entertainment, and recreation sector followed with 3,397 individuals (19.6%), followed by construction (2,288 individuals, 13.2%), and food and accommodation services (2,225 individuals, 12.8%).


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