Egypt explores investment opportunities for Turkish companies in tourism sector

Daily News Egypt
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The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) recently organized a series of promotional meetings with prominent Turkish companies in the tourism investment and hotel sectors during the African Tourism Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh.

GAFI officials engaged with representatives from Tripholi to discuss investment plans related to luxury hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and New Alamein, as well as their interest in developing business hotels in Cairo. This strategic investment aims to enhance the hotel infrastructure and bolster the business sector in Egypt.

The forum also featured a meeting with the Kilit Group, which owns a chain of hotels in Turkey and specializes in manufacturing hotel supplies such as electrical appliances and tableware. The discussions centred around potential cooperation and partnerships to upgrade modern hotel equipment in the Egyptian market.

Furthermore, a productive session took place with Toura, a company specializing in the production of contemporary hotel furniture. The focus was on supplying Egyptian hotels with the latest designs and equipment to meet the demands of the luxury hotel sector.

These meetings underscore the substantial interest Turkish companies have in the Egyptian market. Representatives from these Turkish firms lauded the immense potential of Egypt’s market, the supportive facilities provided by the Egyptian government for foreign investment, and the diverse range of tourism destinations. These factors collectively position Egypt as an ideal investment destination within the tourism and hotel sectors, which play a crucial role in the national economy.

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