Empower Her Art Forum 2024: Bridging creative minds at National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

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Under the collaborative efforts of the Ministries of Culture, Tourism, Social Solidarity, Immigration, Youth and Sports, Environment, and the National Council for Women, the second edition of the Empower Her Art Forum (EHAF 2024) is on the horizon. Initiated by the visionary art curator Shereen Badr, EHAF’s mission is to assemble a global community of artists at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, marking a milestone event.

Building on the success of its debut, EHAF 2024 will uphold its status as the pioneering art forum held at the esteemed National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. This iteration will unveil a dedicated exhibition space, showcasing the works of over 144 artists hailing from 40 nations.

The forum is realized through the esteemed support and partnership of various government bodies, including the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Social Solidarity, Ministry of Immigration, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Environment, and the National Council for Women. Strategic alliances have also been formed with the European Union, UN Women, UNHCR, the Italian Cultural Institute in Egypt, and the embassies of Spain, Chile, and Ireland.

Shereen Badr, the driving force and CEO of EHAF, shared her aspirations for the forum: “Empower Her Art Forum is not merely the premier platform for championing female artists in Egypt and beyond, but it also strives to weave a tapestry of inclusivity, connecting audiences and artists, including those with disabilities.”

EHAF 2024 will organize 10 tailored workshops across three days, tailored for artists with visual and hearing impairments, as well as refugees. These sessions will be conducted by international artists representing ten countries. Additionally, tactile replicas will accompany each displayed piece, offering visually impaired guests a hands-on artistic encounter.

The forum will be inaugurated on Saturday, 18 May, and will draw to a close on Wednesday, 22 May. The opening and closing ceremonies will spotlight performances by Egypt’s legendary vocalists and international stars. The climax of the event will feature a special concert by the esteemed composer Omar Khairat, set against the stunning backdrop of the museum’s Roman Theatre.

EHAF, following in the footsteps of the World Art Forum, has garnered substantial backing from government ministries and revered cultural institutions. This year, EHAF 2024 has gained the patronage of WE Telecom Egypt and SANAD EGYPT for the advancement of women, alongside a host of other benefactors.

Badr, a seasoned participant in international art circles, made her mark at COP27 in 2022, one of Egypt’s grandest global gatherings, which included a dedicated zone for artistic innovation. Her contributions have also spanned artistic initiatives in Italy, Germany, and the USA.

EHAF 2024 is set to be an extraordinary confluence of artistic talent, nurturing creativity, diversity, and empowerment. With its global partnerships and the backing of national ministries and strategic allies, the forum is destined to leave an indelible imprint on the arts scene, offering a vibrant stage for artists to shine internationally.

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