Health Ministry on high alert during Easter celebrations

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The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population has reported the disposal of 6,141 kilograms of assorted food items and 630 litres of beverages of uncertain provenance. These products were destroyed due to alterations in their natural characteristics, rendering them unfit for human consumption.

These actions were part of a series of inspections conducted by the Central Administration of Food Control within the Health Affairs Directorates across all governorates. The campaigns, which ran from 24 April to 3 May, focused particularly on food vendors, including those selling salted fish, in alignment with the observance of the traditional Spring Festival, known as Easter.

Easter, a festival deeply rooted in Egyptian heritage, is traditionally celebrated in parks and gardens where families gather to enjoy coloured eggs, salted fish, and onions.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesperson for the Ministry, detailed that the operations encompassed 2,051 food establishments, with 1,145 food samples collected for analysis in the ministry’s labs. Appropriate actions were taken in response to any infractions of the health standards required for food sale locations.

Abdel Ghaffar emphasized the campaigns’ objective to reinforce oversight of food vendors, augment surveillance efforts, and guarantee the safety of food available to the public, with all necessary legal steps taken against observed non-compliances.

He also highlighted the increased deployment and activity of teams dedicated to health awareness and community outreach in public spaces, tasked with imparting vital health guidelines to the populace.

Additionally, Amr Kandil, the Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Medicine, noted that legal proceedings were initiated against 373 unlicensed establishments. He urged professionals in the food industry to comply with all health regulations and secure the requisite health certifications.

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