TE signs agreement with EXA Infrastructure to boost international data movement via ‘WeConnect’

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Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, presided over the signing of a commercial agreement between Telecom Egypt (TE), the nation’s premier integrated telecommunications operator and a major regional submarine cable operator, and EXA Infrastructure, a prominent European entity specializing in fiber infrastructure and transatlantic submarine cables.

This agreement is set to transform the international data movement landscape between East and West across the Mediterranean Sea, reinforcing Egypt’s strategic position as a key hub for direct international connectivity to Europe.

The pact was formalized by Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, and Nick Reid, Chairperson of EXA Infrastructure.

Under this agreement, EXA Infrastructure will extend its network from Europe to the shores of the Arab Republic of Egypt, creating a consolidated service node for international traffic from the Middle East and Asia to Europe. This integration offers a variety of routing and protection solutions for international capacities linking Egypt with numerous locations across Europe and North America.

Under the terms of this agreement, EXA Infrastructure will leverage Telecom Egypt’s “WeConnect” system, inaugurated last September. The system facilitates agile and efficient transitions between submarine cable networks in the Mediterranean and Red Seas through a neutral framework. Moreover, the agreement bolsters Telecom Egypt’s capacity to deliver comprehensive solutions to international clients, providing direct access to European internet hubs from Asia.

Telecom Egypt is instrumental in managing over 90% of the international data traversing Egypt, with a capacity exceeding 200 terabits per second. The company is broadening its international infrastructure by constructing new submarine cable landing stations along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts, interconnected via diverse land and sea routes. This agreement signifies a strategic advancement in Telecom Egypt’s commitment to cement Egypt’s status as a primary gateway linking Asia, Africa, and Europe, and as a notable intercontinental junction. Additionally, it marks the inception of a collaborative venture between the two firms to initiate digital infrastructure projects.

Minister Talaat highlighted that this agreement augments existing international partnerships with leading global telecommunications service providers, aimed at bolstering the international digital infrastructure and accommodating the surging worldwide internet service demand.

This initiative is in line with the national strategy to position Egypt as a global digital conduit, capitalizing on the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s endeavors to enhance Egypt’s competitive edge in the global submarine cable sector. Egypt’s unique geographical location is a significant asset, establishing it as a central node in the worldwide submarine cable network for internet distribution.

Mohamed Nasr remarked: “In partnership with EXA Infrastructure, we are offering versatile solutions that enable our clientele to steer traffic from Egypt to any European touchpoint via Telecom Egypt’s Mediterranean landing stations. This strategic alliance allows us to provide an unparalleled network experience globally and harness our full capabilities to satisfy the escalating need for international connectivity from the Far East and Africa. The innovative WeConnect system empowers all networks to seamlessly utilize 19 submarine cable systems, facilitating access to pivotal European locations through EXA Infrastructure’s expensive and sophisticated network.”

Nick Reid conveyed his enthusiasm for the newly minted commercial agreement with Telecom Egypt, recognizing the significance of such collaborations in scaling the industry’s infrastructure to meet the anticipated surge in data traffic.

The alliance united Telecom Egypt’s established position as a conduit for international traffic originating from the Middle East and Asia with EXA Infrastructure’s critical contributions in delivering contemporary infrastructure and a variety of connectivity options throughout its expansive network reaching Europe and beyond.

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