Ramadan Business Insights: Meta’s Guide To Meaningful Customer Engagement

Alain Mayni
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As the holy month of Ramadan draws near, 2 billion Muslims around the world eagerly anticipate a period of spiritual introspection and communal unity. Many describe it as a ‘reset button’ – a time when people reevaluate their habits and strengthen their connections with their family and community. During this moment of reflection, businesses worldwide are faced with a critical question – how can they respectfully engage with their customers and season’s spirit of giving and coming together.

Discovery Mindset

According to the latest 2023 YouGov study commissioned by Meta[1] to study online behaviours of Ramadan observers, over three quarters (¾) of Ramadan observers globally change their habits during Ramadan, while 72% tend to look at new sources of information. The number is even higher in the UAE and KSA, reaching almost 80% in both markets[2]. This openness also has an impact on the so-called “discovery mindset”, with 72% of consumers in the UAE browsing Facebook and Instagram for shopping inspiration during Ramadan.[3] For businesses, this discovery leads to more than sales. The more personalised an ad is, the stronger the connection point that it creates stacking up to a meaningful, durable relationship between a business and its customers. Today, AI-powered ad tools like Meta’s Advantage+ can help businesses optimise their ad personalisation efforts and give a noticeable boost to a campaign driving up to 32% increase in return on ad spend.[4]

Connecting through Storytelling

There are more ways than ever to create meaningful connections this Ramadan. With brand storytelling tools such as Reels, branded content, in-stream video and AR masks, businesses can bring communities together through rich and immersive experiences.  According to a 2022 study by Meta, 65% of Ramadan observers spend more time watching videos during Ramadan and Eid.[5] A Meta-commissioned Global Consumer Short-Form Video Survey by Factwork[6] also revealed that Reels are highly effective when it comes to attracting new customers with three quarters (¾) of respondents having followed a business after watching its Reels on Instagram. With that in mind, adding ads on Reels helps brands supercharge their results. As part of Meta’s larger performance ecosystem, Reels ads are powered by AI leading to much better outcomes. For instance, during Ramadan 2023 Maggi Arabia marketing team effectively leveraged ads on Reels to showcase their products and recipes in a fun, entertaining and highly shareable way leading to a 9.9% increase in ad recall.

Partnering with creators

The influence of creators in social media discovery during Ramadan has steadily risen. Today, creators are more than channels — they offer creativity, authenticity, and impactful connections with audiences, translating into real business outcomes. A YouGov study commissioned by Meta highlighted this shift, revealing that 71% of Facebook and Instagram users have taken a shopping action influenced by creator content.[7]

In the Middle East, particularly in the UAE and KSA, top creator categories during Ramadan cater to audience interests in health, fitness, food, and celebrity content.

Strengthening connection with business messaging

Having real conversations with customers is essential to growing your business. However, as fewer people shop offline, many businesses forget about this powerful tool. At the same time, 65% of consumers prefer messaging a business instead of calling or emailing, and 3 in 4 agree that messaging apps build business relationships, especially for Gen Z. [8] For many, instant messaging provides a more accessible way to communicate with businesses: 67% of Ramadan observers in the UAE feel more connected to a brand through instant messaging.

By understanding and adapting to the evolving needs of consumers during Ramadan, businesses can truly make a lasting impact and build meaningful connections that endure beyond the six weeks.

Visit Meta’s Ramadan hub to discover the latest consumer insights and strategies to connect with customers and drive value this Ramadan season.

Alain Mayni, Head of Tech, Media, Telecom & Professional Services in MENA at Meta

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