Egypt’s F&B industry experiences significant growth, tech is key to maintain edge: Zahran 

Shaimaa Raafat
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Belal Zahran, General Manager of Foodics Egypt, said Foodics Egypt is dedicated to addressing the economic challenges in the market by providing integrated solutions and services aimed at boosting operational efficiency and reducing costs in the F&B sector amidst global economic strains.

What is Foodics Egypt’s investment vision and strategy for the Egyptian market?

As the F&B industry in Egypt experiences significant growth, businesses must embrace technology to maintain their competitive edge. Foodics aims to strengthen its presence in Egypt significantly, empowering F&B businesses with innovative technology solutions, streamlined operations, and data-driven insights. Our strategy focuses on providing all-in-one solutions to ensure smooth business operations, expanding our product offerings, targeting new segments in the F&B market with a variety of new solutions, and contributing to the digital transformation of the restaurant business landscape in Egypt. This approach allows restaurant owners to concentrate on growth while we manage the complexities of their operations.

In light of the economic challenges and inflation, how is the pursuit of digitization reflected in the restaurant sector, especially considering the sector’s growth in Egypt?

Foodics Egypt is dedicated to addressing the economic challenges in the market by providing integrated solutions and services aimed at boosting operational efficiency and reducing costs in the F&B sector amidst global economic strains. Our approach includes leveraging Foodics’ solutions to help current clients minimize expenses, alongside extending offers to prospective clients to showcase our value proposition. 

Our commitment lies in providing the F&B sector with innovative digital solutions to empower businesses to succeed in a competitive landscape. For instance, consider Foodics Accounting, a comprehensive accounting solution designed specifically for the F&B industry. It helps restaurants manage their cash flow, which ensures that restaurant accounting records are accurate, secured, and always up to date. We also carry on a forward-thinking approach, actively listening to our customers and partners to foster new ideas and expedite digital transformation in the sector. This strategy not only propels our growth but also aligns seamlessly with Egypt’s 2030 vision, emphasizing digitalization and innovation across industries.

What are the most prominent clients to whom the company provided its solutions?

Our company has a diverse range of partners both inside and outside of Egypt. Some of our notable partners outside of Egypt include Dunkin’ Donuts, ElTazej, Half Million (1/2M), Freshii, and Buffalo Wings. Within Egypt, we work with several popular brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Fuddruckers, Abu Tareq, Big Daddy, Caizo, What the Crust, Gourmet, Breadfast Coffee, Sultana Ice-Cream, and more. We are proud to serve a variety of businesses and help them achieve their digitalization goals. 

What solutions does the company provide to its customers in Egypt?

Foodics Egypt delivers a suite of tailored solutions for restaurants and cafes, starting with a cloud-based restaurant management solution (RMS) and an all-inclusive Point of Sale solution (POS) that streamlines operations from orders to inventory on a single platform. To boost sales, we offer Foodics Online, enabling customers to directly order and pay through our website/application, thereby eliminating intermediaries and cutting down on external commission costs. Similarly, Foodics Kiosk enhances efficiency and profitability by providing a seamless self-ordering and payment solution. We also offer Foodics Pay to enhance the checkout process by integrating payment devices with the cashier app, facilitating daily operations and payment settlements. Additionally, Marketplace features a selection of external applications to improve management. In addition, Foodics Accounting, which was introduced in 2023 to our clients in Egypt, offers a specialized accounting solution for the F&B industry, integrating with the RMS for accurate, real-time financial data management. Finally, we also offer a solution for multi-branch brands where the restaurant owners can manage all the branches with ease and efficiency from one platform and take the business operations to the next level.

What growth rates does the company target in the Egyptian market?

Foodics Egypt has seen remarkable growth, with a three-fold increase in business volume year over year. Starting with just four employees in a small area of Cairo, the company now boasts a workforce of 108 employees and has expanded its reach to over 15 governorates. Initially, Foodics operated with three departments (sales, after-sales, finance) but has grown to include eight departments to fully address the needs of its business partners. This expansion includes localization efforts to better understand and meet market demands and establishing a local technical support team to enhance service for its expanding operations.

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