Arab League chief says Gaza devastation will have lasting effects for decades

Sami Hegazi
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Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, said that the Israeli occupation had deliberately devastated the Gaza Strip, destroying all the essentials of life and that this would have lasting effects for decades to come and show the ugliness of Israeli crimes and the world’s failure to stop the aggression.

He made these remarks in a speech at the Arab Sustainability Day 2024 celebration, which was launched on Tuesday at the Arab League.

Aboul Gheit repeated the Arab League’s stance against Israeli threats to invade the city of Rafah, which had become the last shelter for more than one and a half million Palestinians who had fled the horror of the war and destruction in the rest of the Strip.

He urged all parties to act quickly to stop this brutal operation, which could have disastrous consequences for regional security.

He noted that the Palestinian issue was the longest and most influential conflict in the region’s security situation. He said that the two-state solution was the only option that the whole world – except for the occupying power – accepted as a way to resolve this conflict and end the last colonial occupation in our modern time.

Aboul Gheit said that despite the achievements, the Arab region had faced violent and repeated crises that had drained Arab efforts, hindered its progress over the past decades, and led to the loss of some of its development gains.

He said that their message in this regard was clear: that development in the region required achieving peace and security for all and resolving all the conflicts that were still ongoing in some parts of it.

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