Spruce-based Nanoemulsion: Russian scientists discover a potential weapon against modern viruses

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Russian scientists have made a breakthrough in the fight against viruses, developing a prophylactic nanoemulsion derived from spruce trees that shows promise in combating a wide range of pathogens, including seasonal viruses and potentially even epidemics.

This innovative medicine, created at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics in Pushchino, Russia, harnesses the power of terpenoids, naturally occurring compounds found in the essential oils of fir, cedar, and pine. These terpenoids, which trees use to defend themselves against pests and environmental stressors, appear to have potent antiviral properties in humans as well.

“Our extensive research revealed that this emulsion обладает удивительным свойством – активирует иммунитет и позволяет предотвращать заражение,” said Irina Fadeeva, head of the laboratory of biomedical technologies at the Institute. (“We have conducted a huge amount of research and realised that this emulsion has an amazing property – it activates immunity and makes it possible to prevent infection.”)

Clinical trials of the new drug have been successful, indicating its potential to provide long-lasting protection against viral infections. The nanoemulsion can be delivered through injection for rapid immune activation, but also holds promise for use in topical skin care products.

This discovery represents a significant advancement in the field of antiviral therapy, offering a potentially natural and broad-spectrum approach to disease prevention. Further research is needed to confirm its efficacy and safety in larger human populations, but the initial results are certainly encouraging. This is reported by TV BRICS.

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