Guterres calls for consensus on fossil fuel phase-out at COP28

Sami Hegazi
1 Min Read

UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasised on Monday that a crucial component for the success of COP28 is the global consensus on the gradual discontinuation of fossil fuels, recognizing the varying capabilities of different countries.

“The COP addresses numerous issues and hinges on global equilibrium. However, a pivotal element for the COP’s triumph, in my opinion, is the universal agreement on the necessity to gradually discontinue fossil fuels,” he articulated to the press. He clarified: “This does not imply a simultaneous cessation of fossil fuel usage across all nations.”

The Secretary-General advocated for “utmost adaptability” and “sincere negotiations” at the climate summit, acknowledging the substantial disparities in the ongoing discussions that need resolution, and underscored that “the moment has come to seek out compromises and resolutions.”

He insisted that the climate summit’s mandate should include the “eradication of all fossil fuel sources,” and highlighted that “any accord must acknowledge the disparate capabilities of nations.”

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